The property which is rented to an organization/enterprise/proprietor and then sold to a buyer along with that rent as an income is called a pre-leased property.
Preleased properties are income generating assets from the beginning of their purchase.(The day one signs the agreement)
Yes, Bank loan is available for free hold type of Pre-Lease Property.
One should check
  1. Title of the Property
  2. Inspect sanctioned plans and original title deed
  3. Tenure of Land (NOC & Dues)
  4. Rent per month, Security deposit
  5. Lease tenure, Escalation, Type of Lessee, Lease start and end date
Properties like Warehouses, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Office Spaces, Retail Spaces and many more.
Investor Friendly, Fixed monthly returns, Tax Saving, “Zero” waiting period for the ROI to begin, Low risk factor, High Capital Appreciation
Location, Quality and Grade of Building, Brand Value of Lessee, Current trends etc.
Banks impose limits on the frequency and deposit rates on saving account keeps changing based on RBI’s revision of Policy rates. And in Preleased investments offer Capital Appreciation little over a time. Also it provides high returns with escalation of rent time to time.